help! Ear piercing and keloid scar

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Ear piercing and keloid scar. Many people go to have their ears pierced but it appears that there is a raised scar on the ear. If left for a long time. It becomes a large, convex wound that causes the ear to be completely deform. These raise lesions are called keloids. Caused by abnormal repair of the skin layer until enlarged more than before become a raised ulcer on the skin which can happen to anyone and is also hereditary If someone has keloids in the ear, it is a prominent feature and creates insecurity. The methods for treating a raised wound or keloid on the ear are as follows:

Use a cloth or silicone pad on it

It’s the easiest treatment. It is used on small, newly form keloids or lesions. This is the principle of applying pressure to the wound to control the size of the keloid from growing. It also prevents keloids from being expose to air. This may be the cause of the growth of keloids. The method of treatment is to cover the wound area with a cloth for 12-24 hours a day. It is an easy method and helps the bulging wound cause by ear piercing to collapse considerably.

inject the drug to dissolve

This method requires a visit to the doctor. and have the doctor inject steroids The drug will stimulate the creation of arteries under the skin. causing the keloid to collapse reduce the size of keloids or slowing the growth of keloids The treatment of each drug depends on the nature of the keloid and the discretion of the physician. But the injection treatment has a side effect is that the skin in those areas will be red or pale. And had to be injected several times before it collapsed

surgically removed

For those who want to design quickly can be surgically removed But if a person who has keloid scars easily Surgery may also cause new keloids to form at the site of surgery. Even if the keloid skin is removed Therefore, most doctors often choose to use surgery in conjunction with other treatments, such as applying pressure patches over the surgical wound for several months or injecting radiation along with it.


It is a treatment by releasing small high-frequency light waves to the wound. to make the keloid look flat and faded This is an easy and safe method. But laser treatment may need to be done several times to see results. and the cost is quite high