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Monthly Archives: June 2021

What is "NFT"? Digital assets

What is “NFT”? Digital assets

NFT is a digital certification format. to verify ownership of digital assets. It stands for ” Non-Fungible Token ” which literally means “Non-replaceable coins”. There are currently recognized as a type of digital asset. That investors are interest in  First of all, we need to understand that Fungible  means something that we can replace each

How to use "Clubhouse on Android"

How to use “Clubhouse on Android”

Finally, ClubHouse social platform for Voice Chat has launch a user’s smartphone operating system Android download applications are already take. Previously, it only supported iOS. For Clubhouse on Android users wondering how does  Clubhouse play? How to apply? Ufabet Online will answer questions with step-by-step instructions on how to apply can be easily

How to use "Zoom Meeting", online classes

How to use “Zoom Meeting”, online classes

Work meetings, online classes, and work from home require professional chat tools. Face-to-face programing technology is accepted by educational institutions. and organizations around the world One of them is ” Zoom Meeting “ Zoom Meeting is a video chat tool. Send picture and sound for delegates, including easy-to-use functions Choose to change the background

8 Things to do when you eat durian

8 Things to do when you eat durian

Durian, the king of fruits There are many varieties, including Mon Thong, Phuang Manee, Button, Kanyao, and Gibbon. If anyone likes to eat durian, they will like it until they are fascinated. because of the seductive fragrance And when you try it, you will love it. because I found durian