Tips to “reduce cheeks” easily by yourself

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Tips to “reduce cheeks” easily by yourselfFirst of all, let me ask you if you see a child with puffy cheeks. And is there anyone who can’t help. But want to reach out and squeeze their cheeks with their fangs like us??? which small children who has a round face and tight cheeks (it makes me want to bite! ) It might look cute and adorable. But for girls in adolescence or adulthood If you look in the mirror and see puffy cheeks may feel insecure. Because of the puffy cheeks that are clearly visible. It may make the face look round and dimensionless. Or the face is so big that you can’t take a picture at any angle as you wish.

If anyone is worried about puffy cheeks who looks like a person who is always in the wind Until I have to cover my face with my eyes often. I have to bring 7  easy ” cheek reduction ” tips by myself that we picked up and shared. Let’s try to follow quickly. Because these tips will help to make the face slimmer. Without surgery to hurt the body a bit.

1 Regular facial exercises can help reduce puffy cheeks

We believe that when girls Weight gain in a shockingly fast time “Exercise” would be the first choice. That many people think of because it helps to lose weight and restore a firm body back again. For those who are worried about puffy cheeks, they need to use exercises to manage their faces as well. Because the face exercises by moving the face regularly. It will help strengthen facial muscles. Anti-aging and adjust the face to look slender and get more pictures as well By the way to manage the face, there are many types to choose from.

Such as inhaling air into the mouth to keep the cheeks alternating left – right, sucking the cheeks to dent and making a penis, tearing a wide smile with clenching teeth, etc. Frequent face You can feel that the muscles around the cheeks tighten up.

2 Cardio exercises to help lose weight + reduce cheeks

For those who weren’t born with puffy cheeks Chubby boy style from when I was a baby. Maybe excess fat on the face May be caused by excess body fat, it is possible. This is a trick that will help reduce cheeks to disappear for a while. ready to restore a beautiful slender face back again, it is Exercise because exercise will help you lose weight. and get rid of excess fat on both the body and face as well. 

And the exercise that we would like to recommend you to try must be “cardio” only because cardio exercise increases your heart rate and helps burn calories. climb Just 20 – 40 minutes/day of cardio exercise can help you lose weight easily and effectively.

3 Avoid foods that contain processed carbohydrates

Have you ever heard of the word How about “processed carbohydrates”? Ah, if you haven’t heard of it, don’t get confused. Refined Carbs are carbohydrates that have been refined or processed until the nutrients are removed, leaving only sugar and plenty of calories. 

Once eaten, it will make you fat easily. Rapid weight gain Plus the cheeks are so puff up that they almost split apart. Sis, therefore, should avoid foods with hidden process carbohydrates such as cookies, crackers, pasta, etc. and instead turn to high-fiber foods. It will help stimulate the excretion to eat easily and lose weight quickly.

4. Drink water before eating. Helps reduce calories in each meal

On a very hot day or having to walk around to do various activities. It would cause many people to have a dry throat and have to drink several glasses of water. Did you know that the “water” that we drink every day is not just for quenching thirst and refreshing our body? 

But it can also be used as a secret to reduce puffy cheeks. and facial fat as well Because if you drink enough water each day, it will help you feel full. I don’t want to eat snacks during the day. Therefore, it has a beneficial effect on weight loss and the removal of excess fat throughout the body. In addition, drinking a large glass of water before meals. It will help you feel full faster. eat less food and help reduce calories in each meal separately Knowing this, you should carry a water bottle with you at all times.

5 Go to bed early. and get full 8 hours of sleep

Many people may feel sleepy during work often. Or like to secretly take a nap during the day regularly. But when it’s late at night when it’s time to go to sleep, it tends to plow the screen of the smartphone to look at it. Open your favorite series for a long time. or doing other activities at night Until causing the eyes to fall asleep and insomnia almost every day. which the behavior of sleeping late until not enough rest. 

It’s a very bad health deterrent. It may also make it easier to gain weight than before. because regular sleep deprivation will increase the level of The hormone ghrelin, also known as “Hunger hormone” that stimulates the appetite to feel hungry easily. And eat more food than before. When you eat a lot until you gain weight, it will cause puffy cheeks. That is clearly visible, so the young woman should change her behavior to hurry to bed early. And sleep a full eight hours to complete it in