“Durians” and the myths about health

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Durian has long been one of the fruits that have been popular among ufabet Thai and foreigners. Although it is reputed to be a high-sugar fruit with a reminder that eating a lot will always be obese. But secretly has many beliefs that are passed on Together and it is the belief about the durian that is not true.

Durian is high cholesterol

Durians is a plant, a fruit, and dietary cholesterol comes from saturated fats such as meat, animal fats, offal, seafood and dairy foods. Therefore, saying that durian has high cholesterol is not true. But durian contains monounsaturated fats. And high in sugar Sugar is the main component of durian.

Furthermore, blood cholesterol levels are not solely dependent on food intake. But it also depends on the overall energy. When we get too much energy, the body will accumulate and generate higher cholesterol because 100 grams of durian provide 100-120 kcal of energy, which is usually the same amount of 60-70 kcal of fruit. Therefore, eating too much durian Therefore may add too much energy to the body It’s easy to get fat.

And of course, even though the durian does not contain cholesterol That doesn’t mean eating durians will help lower your body’s cholesterol as well.

Do not eat durian and alcohol

Eating durian around the same time consuming alcohol Affect the real body But not life threatening durians will result in decreased Aldehyde Dehydrogenase enzyme and because the enzyme is responsible for converting the Aldehyde (Aldehyde), toxins produced from alcohol metabolism to become energy into other substances and then eliminated from Body go When eliminating less, the aldehydes accumulate in the body. Redness, numbness, dizziness and vomiting can occur. It can also cause bloating. Indigestion as well.

Durian helps in excretion. Is a mild laxative

From the belief that durians contains relatively high sulfur. It can kill mild germs, help in excretion and kill parasites, and durian is a fruit that has some dietary fiber. But eating to get the benefits of a mild laxative. Or help improve the digestive system In modern medicine, there is no clear research on this issue. If eating fruit to help improve the digestive system Choose fruits that are high in fiber, low in sugar, such as apples, guava, papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.

How to eat durian to be safe for the body

We can eat durians without fear of the dangers of it. We just choose to eat in moderation. Not too much, simply remember that durian is a fruit that has a high sugar content. High energy Therefore should limit the amount of consumption to suit Not eating too much at one time Including not eating for a long time Many days, weeks Choose to eat during the day when your body is still using energy and exercise regularly. Now we can safely eat the durian we love. But if anyone has an underlying disease related to blood sugar levels such as diabetes , obesity, should reduce or consult a doctor about the appropriate amount before eating.