Reduce the transmission from mask

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Maj. Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok Addressing the amount of waste infected with COVID-19 This includes waste, masks, collected and disposed of from medical facilities treating patients with COVID-19. And place for detainee an average of 11.48 tons per day.But during the new wave of outbreaks since April 1, the amount of waste has skyrocketed to 12.92 tonnes, and therefore, a dedicated respirator tank (orange) with red garbage bags for wearing masks in public areas has been set about 1,000 to Facilitate people to dispose of waste masks. Bangkok

At the same time, households were also asked to dispose of their used masks properly

  1. Fold the mask in half. With the side that touches the body inside

2. Fold it in half again so the strap is on the same side

3. Roll over the mask Use the strap to tighten it.

4. Separate and not share with household waste.

5. Tie the mouth of the bag tightly.

6. Write or stick to the front of the bag saying “Face mask

7. Separate to the garbage collection car Or throw it into the orange trash provided

All of this is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the health of waste collection workers.In addition to wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently. Social Distancing is still to be done. More importantly, avoid the group. To gather with many people in society Stay at home, stop infection for the nation

There are a few tips for using a mask that I would like to leave, namely those who use a cloth mask. During this period, before leaving the house, you should carry another one in case of getting wet in the rain because a cloth mask can prevent COVID if it is dry. But if they get wet, a cloth mask will not prevent COVID at all. So prepare for one more, the best one.