7 Retouch Application, clear the background

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When we go to take pictures at tourist attractions, cafes, or other places with other people. Trying to find a beautiful angle that is pleasing to the eye and must get in the frame Or sometimes sticking things That can make our photos unattractive If so, you need to delete people. Erase these items disappear by using the retouch app. Erase these excess to disappear smoothly better with retouch Application

7 retouch apps, delete people, delete excess, clear background

1. TouchRetouch 

Retouch Application remove the background clearer. Remove the excess in the image smoothly. That we took to leave each other Like any app, go download it !

Let’s start with the first app, that is, TouchRetouch, I can say that it is not installed. Whether it is a sign post of any excess items Including removing acne Remove wrinkles, it can be done smoothly. Including also easy to use Not chaotic and not complicated.

2. Snapseed

Another app that is equally famous is Snapseed. This app has a variety of tools that help us edit photos, just like a good photo editor. On mobile phones, which for Snapseed was able to adjust the color. Straighten the image Edit photos in a vintage style, or can decorate like a film camera. And of course, you can remove people from the photo, remove objects from blur the background, do it.

3. Object Removal Lite

The app removes people who do well as well as other apps, which this app has a feature that can remove the wires or small items as well, the way this app works will use AI. Help us to remove things more easily. Making it suitable for removing small spots And erase small objects Easily

4. PicsArt

For this app, it is an app that is quite popular. Because with almost all aspects of the work that has come Whether it’s deleting people, erasing objects, blurring the background, retouching photos, or even making images as GIFs, there’s also a lot of templates to choose from in the app.

5. Meitu

It is called a photo editing app that can remove people from pictures, almost smooth and completely smooth. Plus, you can adjust the face, make up, increase the height. Manage most of the image editing.

6. Facetune 2

Facetune 2 This app is considered outstanding in terms of editing photos. Either adjust the face slender, adjust the skin color, or even make up the makeup. Even a matter of deleting people Removing the excess in the picture is equally good.

7. Photoshop Fix

You can easily remove people with Photoshop Fix. It is another popular app that is easy to use. Which in addition to deleting people Can now delete objects inside the image. The app is also able to customize pictures, adjust color, makeup, remove acne as well.