Nokia G20 smartphone At a starting

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HMD Global, the owner of the rights to distribute smartphones and accessories. Nokia brand worldwide introduces Nokia G20 , the latest smartphone based on Scandinavian engineering. To meet various needs in daily life

The new Nokia G20 is one of two new series of phones that are positioned as Nokia’s mid-range smartphones, the G-series and X-series. The new G-series is among the smartphones with the longest battery life. It is Nokia’s flagship series of smartphones with a manufacturer’s commitment to delivering features. Get the best in the industry to the consumer as possible. The new Nokia G20 captures 48 megapixel images in widescreen, macro and video, plus OZO Audio enhances recorded content. In every moment With a single charge battery, can be used for 3 days

Stephen Taylor

( by Stephen Taylor by) Chief Marketing H. M Global, said:  “Users Nokia can rest assured that Nokia phones will experience a safe and active life is unique. Unique to Nokia from Android OS upgrades and a reputation for battery life. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of our customers for longer by building a phone that everyone can use for longer. With the durability of the phone inside and out. What we have achieve with the new Nokia G20 is the development of a truly reliable mobile phone. With up to 3 days of battery life. Which means it users don’t have to be tied down. With a charging cable all the time “

Happy with what love and Passion in full

The new Nokia G20 can be a creative studio To create work that users can carry in their hands anywhere and anytime Help everyone carry on their imaginations with four stunning 48MP cameras with storage. Big data The widescreen lens creates beautiful images and the macro lens captures the details. Either to capture the big picture Or special moments are sharp It also has a night mode and a portrait mode that is easy to select at your fingertips, while the realistic OZO Audio system can record surround sound. Help keep memories and Bring back memorable moments in every aspect.

Never miss a story with the new Nokia G20’s completely redesigned 6.5-inch teardrop display. To meet users’ large screen needs for editing applications or reviewing presentation files, the screen also increases the brightness to a reasonable level. For smooth use both during the day and at night.

Security and reliable software

The new Nokia G20 is backed by Android, which is unique in Nokia smartphones. Monthly security updates for 3 years to help keep user data as safe as possible. As far as possible And it will receive a 2-year OS (SO) upgrade. Which allows the new Nokia G20 to leapfrog to the intelligent Andriod OS version of Android 12 and later in the future. Enjoy the latest features with the original Android 11 operating system that comes with With the machine when unpacking.

The new Nokia G20 also allows users to choose how to unlock the device according to their needs. Is able to choose While using the fingerprint sensor on the side of the device. Or unlock with your face In order to access the information as needed.

Nokia ‘s style and essence never fade away

In keeping with the longstanding staple of the Nokia brand, the new Nokia G20 is inspired by Scandinavian design In which the import colors are blue, a combination of The iconic durability of it smartphones and state-of-the-art technology. Until the result is a mobile phone Built to last Outstanding and attractive to use

Pricing and availability

The new Nokia G20 start selling in Thailand from May 17, 2021, blue (Night), the release version will be a 4 / 128GB version at a starting price of 4,990 baht. Especially for customers who buy through the online store it Official Store 100. The first person will receive a free gift worth 900 baht (limited).

The  Brotherhood Ram son Business Development Manager H M Global  

Added that in addition to Nokia G20 will be a smart phone that has been designed base on the concept of the Nokia brand, either Love it Love Trust it reliable and Keep. It is durable. The new Nokia G20 will also make consumers in Thailand love it even more with functions that support the “Pintang” app “Mor Prom” and the banking app to apply, transfer, top-up, pay more easily  with the function. And the full capabilities of the device make customers instantly love it smartphones.

In addition, users can be confident that their Nokia phone will have reliable after-sales service  with Nokia Mobile Care Delivery after-sales service. Meet the needs of modern consumers with services that can be select according to the user’s lifestyle. Both free repair service! Through the EMS of more than 1,200 Thai Post branches nationwide and Pick Up Service for onsite repair Complete service at one place through repair delivery channel via LINE Application ID: npk2465 or NPK.