How do you apply lipstick to look like a celebrity?

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Lipstick, these days, makeup that imitates celebrity models seems to be quite commonplace. Especially the imitation of famous stars that have a continuous work to see each other because of the beautiful things that anyone would want to have them all The makeup that imitates celebrities, too, has been seen and is loved a lot, including applying makeup like all television stars. Professional makeup artists may find it easy, but for some teenagers or adults who want to experiment with it, try to do it multiple times to get the look they like. With a technique used to make you lips look beautiful and lively like the stars of various dramas.

Lip Balm

Before starting to paint your lips with colored lipstick, you need to keep your lips looking moisturized. Smooth, not lint first Because if your lips are dry Peeling and flaking When applying the lipstick, it will make it more visible and also cause dry lips. Peeling, becoming more flaky Using Lip Balm Apply a thin lips to lips do not dry or flaky even have to use lipstick, a problem that causes dry lips daily.


lips with Lip Balm has also come to the stage. Of applying with colored lipsticks to add color to the lips without looking dull and lifeless Color lipstick used should choose a color that is suitable for the occasion as well. If it works, choose bright colors. Not as bright as pink Orange or red 

Lip gloss

Because the color lipstick applied on the lips can be overly pigment, in order to reduce the excessive pigmentation to look just right, lip gloss is require. Will make your lips look wet and glistening, just like the lips of any celebrity model Choose a lip gloss that has a shimmer or a small glitter to create a color that looks better than a lip gloss that gives only luster. Especially when applying lip gloss with a lighter shade of lipstick, it is necessary to use a shimmering lip gloss. Before purchasing, make sure the type of lip gloss you choose is colorless.

Beautiful lips are not only obtain through enhancement, but also through good care and maintenance. Taking care of your lips regularly will make it easier to style your lips. More importantly, it also shines more than lips that lack the nourishment it should be. For lips that look beautiful and full They are lively, so you need to take care of them and maintain them regularly.