Celebrating 10 years on the “BMW i”

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Although the world of automobile is very active about electric cars. But many people may still not know that BMW has developed electric cars since 2008 under the name “Project i” until February 2011 has launched the BMW i to the world for the first time. With a cool motto that “Born electric”, which at that time was a new dimension of personal electric vehicles that has it all As a result, the i icon has now become a symbol of the future movement.

The concept of BMW i is a holistic drive towards a sustainable future that takes all the elements involved in. Both electric drive systems Reducing CO2 emissions in production 70% less water consumption in production, 100% clean energy, and a selection of recycled and renewable materials in production. It also uses lightweight CFRP carbon fiber and integrates digital service into the vehicle. Taking into account the convenience of being able to charge your electric vehicle at home or on the go.

BMW i3

It was the first mass-produced electric vehicle in 2013 and the first electric vehicle made with CFRP, capable of cruising 130-160km per full charge. Throughout the years, the BMW i3 has continued to be improved. Until arriving in the current model that has been change to a 42.2 kWh battery It has almost twice the capacity of the first model, can run 245 kilometers on a full charge.

BMW i8

The world’s first plug-in hybrid technology supercar. It was launch in 2014 as a car that combines the best technology of the world at that time together. Before the roadster version will be release in 2018 with special features like no other. With being the world’s first car with laser headlights. Including the new 3D printing process, its cutting edge in all aspects has earned the BMW i8 a number of world-class awards before BMW decides to end the production line in June 2020, making it a legend. A real collector’s shelf

Following the success of the i3 to the i8, BMW is commit to the development of electric vehicles very seriously. Until we have the opportunity to see futuristic cars that look like they came out of the future, such as the BMW Vision iNEXT in 2018, the BMW i Hydrogen Next released in 2019, before shaking up the premium car industry. With the 100% electric BMW iX3 sports utility debuting in 2020.

Throughout 10 years from the first step until today Technology has been delivered to the hands of the new BMW iX. The electric vehicle of the future. With power comparable to a 500 horsepower sports car, advanced with a 100 kilowatt-hour battery can drive a distance of more than 600 kilometers when the battery is fully charged. Or equivalent to a car filled with gas.