What is “NFT”? Digital assets

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NFT is a digital certification format. to verify ownership of digital assets. It stands for ” Non-Fungible Token ” which literally means “Non-replaceable coins”. There are currently recognized as a type of digital asset. That investors are interest in 

First of all, we need to understand that Fungible  means something that we can replace each other. Both in tangible and intangible forms such as money, gold, bitcoins, for example. We borrowed 100 baht from a friend and when we used it all, we raised 100 baht to return it to our friend. It may be two 50 baht banknotes or 5 20 baht banknotes, but together they are worth 100 baht. Which is considered a substitute.

But for the word Non-Fungible means something that cannot be replaced. Even if multiple copies are made, there is only one original: photographs, art drawings, graphics, video clips, music, etc. NFT is like a digital certificate. who came into the treatment The “originality” of the work is that there is only one piece. cannot be replaced which is recorded in a system called  Blockchain, where everyone can check the list that Who owns each work?

“Crypto Arts” converts digital art to be worth buying-selling. 

NFT Art created Whether it’s drawings, photographs, memes, graphic arts, game cards, etc., when converted into tokens into NFTs. They are call ” Crypto Arts ” (cryptographic artworks), becoming digital assets that are worth buying. -Can be sold 

There have been numerous auctions for crypto art, such as the legendary meme “Disaster Girl”, a 4-year-old girl looking at the camera. While in the background is a house on fire. She decided to sell her photos in NFT format and bought them for around 15 million baht. 

Buying these crypto art It is for the possession of ” ownership ” in the ownership of that image work only. have the right to sell or transfer of ownership to others It is a digital asset conversion. Each purchase-sale will be recorded in the system of the Blockchain, allowing everyone to see who the owner is. Even other netizens will continue to copy the image file together endlessly but did not have the right to possess or resell it to others to make money  

“fees” and channels for buying and selling of NFT

For the NFT platform used for buying and selling various digital assets There are many websites. Each of them is a collection of works with different strengths, such as ” OpenSea “, a famous crypto-art source. Creators can digitize their work. And can set the price or ” Valuables ” art platform. with buying – selling The world’s first tweet at about 90 million baht that

regard, we will create works of art. and convert them into digital assets To put it in the NFT trading platform, don’t forget to study ” Gas Fee “. This is a fee for putting data into each Blockchain system, each platform has its conditions. and different fees Some sites may require payment in bitcoins. This is the information that those interested in NFT investment should always study thoroughly beforehand.

However, ” NFT ” is not only interesting in terms of investment channels. and making money through digital art works of the new generation It is still interesting to see how much the NFT market will grow in the future. as well as to play a role in other fields other than art? Who is interest in investing in digital assets? have to follow up for a long time