Travel trends Take a picture with Ice cream

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Ice cream, a travel symbol, has become the new trend of Chinese tourism. And stimulate tourism as well

When during the labor holiday week at the beginning of the last month Starting point from the San Xingtui Museum Has launch ice cream “Bronze mask” the prototype of the mask 2 bronze pieces, which were unearth in San Xin Tu sacrificial pits and gain immense popularity in the Internet world the sights.

Bronze mask 

Many locations in China Gradually launched ice cream that has its own cultural identity. And put creativity into regular it. The attraction Until the tourist trend take a pictures with ice cream Check-in at various locations.

Xinhua News Agency Report on this popular travel trend that In Yueyang City, Hunan Province, Yueyang Tower Ice Cream And the smooth-head dolphin is the most popular Sichuan Province There is a panda-shaped ice cream that captures the hearts of tourists. Hubei Province has it, yellow crane tower, sword mousse, guojian (lord of Yue), and chocolate bells. As for Jiangxi Province. There is a tower shape it, Teng Wang Ge. 

That still retains the architectural details as well, such as the mezzanine hidden between the floors. It also has the name of the place adorned at the bottom, ending with the Mogao Cave of Gansu Province. Which presented a 9-storey tower-shape it with strawberry flavor. After eating, you can also use it sticks as bookmarks.

“It is amazing. Just one bite of ice cream here It’s like having tasted millennia of culture, ”said one Weibo account user.

Over the years this growing “mania of culture and creativity” has helped to revive artifacts and historic sites. As a result, some cultural and creative products have become so popular. That they are “lost in the way” often and help create new possibilities. In the creation of exotic and cute products. It allows the public to experience cultural objects in a more intimate way.

Today, many museums in China have merged various fields of science. Which enhances culture and creativity It shows the strong power of this industry, ”said Zhou Yunqing, professor of sociology at Wuhan University.