How to use “Zoom Meeting”, online classes

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Work meetings, online classes, and work from home require professional chat tools. Face-to-face programing technology is accepted by educational institutions. and organizations around the world One of them is ” Zoom Meeting “

Zoom Meeting is a video chat tool. Send picture and sound for delegates, including easy-to-use functions Choose to change the background to talk to the occasion as appropriate. including using online learning without interruption How to access Zoom Meeting is easy, both from your mobile phone. and computer

How to use Zoom Meeting for the general public

The case for a discussion meeting that did not take long The meeting room opener will create a link and send you a password to access Zoom Meeting at the appointed time. You may receive it in the form of an email message or LINE message, which you can open on your mobile phone or tablet, both Android, iOS and computer.

How to access Zoom Meeting on a Windows or Mac computer

  1. Open Google Chrome and access the Zoom. us link. 
  2. Click on “Sign In” to apply for membership before accessing or press “Join” for one-time access. without subscription
  3. Enter the name you use in your conversation. You should use your real last name. so that the meeting co-workers can remember
  4. Enter Meeting ID and Password.
  5. Check the mic on, turn on the camera.
  6. During a conversation, you can share screen when you have the opportunity to be a speaker or chat.
  7. To exit the conversation, press “Leave Meeting”.
  8. At the end of the conversation, press “End Meeting”.

How to access Zoom Meeting on Android and iOS mobile phones

  1. Download Zoom app for
    Android phone Download at Play Store
    iOS Download at App Store
  2. Open the Zoom app with or without registration (Sign Up, Sign In), or press Join a Meeting.
  3. Articles 3 – 8 are the same as working on a PC computer.

How to open a room using ZOOM for an online meeting (for admin)

If you are assigned to open a meeting room via ZOOM with admin privileges to send IDs to attendees. Both inside and outside the organization, the recommendations are as follows:

  1. Sign up for it with Gmail, Facebook to create a Personal Meeting ID.
  2. To create a Meeting, set the time in advance. and enter a meeting description.
    Create a Personal Meeting ID, password, and join meeting link.
  3. Check the attendees
  4. Email attendees
  5. When the meeting time is near Those involved should be notified to join again. to not miss a meeting

Other functions in Zoom can also change the background (Background) to hide what is behind the conversation. Press into the Virtual Background and if you need to turn on the camera. Then press into the settings to help blur the skin at Video > Touch up my appearance to help adjust the skin to look good and ready for the camera again.