Forgetfulness by age or not concentrating

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age-related forgetfulness/lack of concentration

Forgetfulness, have you ever? Can’t learn, think slower, can’t think of work, work out as bad as usual. It becomes more difficult to come up with something more complicate. It is unable to come up with a word or say the wrong but close word. or having symptoms of age-relate forgetfulness. Whether it’s things (house/car keys, phone, passwords, important documents) or forgetting where to store things, forgetting to send assignments, forgetting dates, forgetting dates or recent events., Can’t remember the way or get lost in a familiar place, forgetting names, forgetting appointments or forgetting important dates

These symptoms may not seem uncommon if they happen infrequently, but if they happen too often, they can be a sign of age-related forgetfulness. This can result in problems such as loss of time, money, friendships and may affect work, school and social functions.

How to prevent age-related forgetfulness / inattention

Taking care of yourself and protecting yourself in the first place. Only the part of the general delusion that is not a brain disease that can be prevent and corrected. is to avoid the causes that cause age-related forgetfulness, as mentioned above:

Get enough rest 

Getting enough sleep and getting good quality sleep (deep sleep) can help reduce memory problems, poor concentration, and poor decision making. Plus, a good night’s sleep is essential to consolidating memories. This includes creating and storing new memories for you to use later as well.

Manage stress well/enjoy social life 

This may start from allocating time in everyday life well. (by separate working hours private life Staying with your family clearly Not working while spending time with family, etc.) Modify your thinking so that you don’t get too caught up in one idea that causes unconscious stress. Or relax by lying down, watching movies, listening to soothing music, meditating, practicing mindfulness, praying and paying homage to monks. Do your favorite hobbies, etc. ufabet

Enjoy your social life 

People who have less contact with friends or family are more at risk of memory problems than sociable people.

Regular exercise 

Including maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the risk of various diseases that cause age-related forgetfulness.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Including avoiding drugs or substances that affect the symptoms of age-related forgetfulness without consulting a doctor.

Refrain from smoking 

It in order not to increase the chances of having symptoms of age-related forgetfulness

Eat nutritious food 

If starting at all is to eat all 5 groups, do not skip breakfast. Avoid foods that are high in fat, salty, very sweet, and focus on supplementing foods that help with concentration and memory, such as foods high in omega-3s (eggs, seafood), ginkgo leaves, extracted chicken soup, family fruits. Berries, apples, avocados, spinach, carrots, grains and nuts

Annual health check 

To perform a general physical examination and to undergo a memory test or other special examinations if necessary. If abnormalities are found, treatment and prevention can be taken early.