8 Things to do when you eat durian

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Durian, the king of fruits There are many varieties, including Mon Thong, Phuang Manee, Button, Kanyao, and Gibbon. If anyone likes to eat durian, they will like it until they are fascinated. because of the seductive fragrance And when you try it, you will love it. because I found durian meat, lightly crispy skin Bite to eat and ready to melt in your mouth. I can’t stop delicious. The more you eat, the more you feel satisfied. The substance of happiness permeated throughout the body.

That’s happiness while eating durian. so many people can’t stop Take pill after pill A single injury took many lobes until they were full. The size that the breath comes out smells of durian ever. This kind of happiness is called inadequate. And there is always a warning coming out during the durian season like this. by nutrition experts They emphasized that eating durian in large quantities Even if he didn’t die immediately But it can easily shorten our lives. because of the disease caused by sweetness and fat will follow us

Dr. Sanga Damaphong, Independent Nutritionist Advice to durian lovers that If you like to eat durian must eat wisely It will benefit more than punishment. Must be mindful, aware, must have knowledge that Eating large quantities of durian will destroy your health and is dangerous. Don’t let your life wander with the smell of durian. And there are 8 recommendations for eating durian to be safe for health as follows:

1. Eat the right amount of durian. The fit that is not more than 1 pool or 2 tablets per time per day. Should not eat more than 3 days in a week. If you want to eat more, you can do it. But choose durian that is not too ripe, not too messy because the riper, the more messy, the more sweet it should be. Choose the semi-impulsive type because the flour and sugar will be less than the very ripe durian.

2. Most durians should be eat during snack time. Then you must remind yourself that When it’s time for the main meal Should reduce the amount of flour, sugar, because when eating durian as a snack have accumulated energy If you still eat the same rice or flour in the main meal is equal to having excess energy. If anyone chooses the time to eat durian after the meal You have to eat less rice or flour first as well.

3. People with congenital diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and vascular disease. Can be eat, but must be less than the general population

4. Must exercise at least half an hour walk. to burn sugar out

5. Eat fruit that has a lot of water and less sweetness, as has been suggested about eating mangosteen after eating durian. is the most suitable Because mangosteen has a cooling effect. Durian has a hot effect. so they can eat together and have to plan Do not eat fruits that are highly sweet at the same time. Especially in this fruit season, there are ripe mangoes, rambutans, lychees.

6. Do not consume soft drinks and coffee accordingly. because it has a stimulating effect on the nerves and sweet

7. Do not eat with alcohol. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Because durian contains sulfur or sulfur. make heavier May cause respiratory disorders risk of death

8. For the belief that putting water in the durian and drinking it is a blessing, drink plenty of water. In fact, drinking from a regular glass is enough. The wrong belief is that after eating durian, drink a little salt solution. Because it will be more detrimental to the body from receiving sodium or salt, in addition to the previous sweetness is fully

Dr. Sanga compares to the picture that How does eating 1 durian tablet equal the amount of a normal meal? Considering the popular durian variety that is easy to buy is Mon Thong, if eating 2 tablets will give about 312 kcal of energy, which is comparable to eating 1 bowl of meatball noodles, if eating 2 lobes or 4-6 tablets will give Energy up to 520-800 kcal, equal to 2 bowls of chicken rice or 1 plate of fried noodles with soy sauce.

for different durian varieties give different energy According to the Department of Health previously disclosed information By comparing the weight of 100 grams of durian or 1 mark that