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7 Retouch Application, clear the background

7 Retouch Application, clear the background

When we go to take pictures at tourist attractions, cafes, or other places with other people. Trying to find a beautiful angle that is pleasing to the eye and must get in the frame Or sometimes sticking things That can make our photos unattractive If so, you need to

6 ideas for organizing your home

6 ideas for organizing your home

During the detention period, there is time to spend in the empty house like this, it’s time to organize the house to be nice! The house is messed up because there is no storage time. This is considered a prime time period. Which has a tidy house that It inevitably affects

4 tips that help "Unlock potential" in you

4 tips that help “Unlock potential” in you

Our brain is like a supercomputer. It’s more complex than any other computer that humans have ever built. And managing the brain to be more efficient will also increase your tendency to succeed. Because it will be in control of yourself. It is a command that involves and controlling

"Garmin Venu SQ Series Smart Watches, for the health"

“Garmin Venu SQ Series Smart Watches, for the health”

For the health line, you must definitely be familiar with the world-class brand Garmin. With its quality and abundant potential, it supports many forms of exercise. So it is no surprise that Garmin becomes a smart watch for health lovers. But people who are just starting

Celebrating 10 years on the "BMW i"

Celebrating 10 years on the “BMW i”

Although the world of automobile is very active about electric cars. But many people may still not know that BMW has developed electric cars since 2008 under the name “Project i” until February 2011 has launched the BMW i to the world for the first time. With a cool motto that “Born

"Collection of adventure movies"

“Collection of adventure movies”

 A story of treasures and treasures It is still a matter of interest to many people. As well as in the world of cinema. Who enjoy adventure and seek. It made the audience feel as though they had gone on an adventure with those characters. In which the adventure

"Xiaomi Mi 11X and Mi 11X Pro", full specification

“Xiaomi Mi 11X and Mi 11X Pro”, full specification

Xiaomi Mi 11X and Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro launch the top version of the Snapdragon 888 chip, support 5G with 3 108MP cameras and a 120Hz screen On April 26, 2564 Xiaomi has launched a mobile phone series Mi 11 X divided by 2 is the Xiaomi Mi