The term “pledge” is defined in the Civil Code by the ordinance of March 23, 2006 as being “a contract by which a debtor hands over intangible personal property to his creditor to guarantee his debt”.

Guarantee a crucial element of your mortgage

An advantageous guarantee for the borrower

An advantageous guarantee for the borrower

In the event of future non-repayment, the borrower can have recourse to an alternative by giving to his bank, as a guarantee , a life insurance contract , a secure investment or anything else of value allowing the bank to finance itself.

It is a guarantee that requires very little cost. However, this is mainly reserved for bank customers, who already have a portfolio of securities sufficient to guarantee all of this credit.

After becoming aware of these various guarantees existing on the market , you will have to make your choice and choose the guarantee which seems the most advantageous in your case. If your situation allows you to benefit from a mutual health insurance fund, do not hesitate to take it. It is the most advantageous guarantee.

For other cases, it is still recommended to take a deposit as a guarantee . This guarantee is more flexible and at lower costs.

How to choose a broker?

How to choose a broker?

Choosing a good real estate broker in Paris is not an easy task. You want to meet the right person, have confidence, feel safe and above all make sure you get the best financing offer on the market . And like all types of trades, there are many real estate brokers in Paris today, so it is not easy to make your choice!

You will therefore try word-of-mouth to find out if by chance, in your entourage, someone would know a good real estate broker. Then you will search the internet and find yourself faced with a multitude of choices. Or for simplicity, you will go to an agency near your home or your workplace.


  1. The bank will always seek to protect itself in the case of a mortgage with a guarantee
  2. There are different types of guarantees that you will have to choose according to your borrower profile
  3. Surety is certainly the most advantageous guarantee